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    India's first 100% Activity based Digitally enabled School chain with Kid's IQ Development Methods

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India's first 100% Activity based Digitally enabled with Kid's IQ Development Methods implemented Bengali and English Medium Co-educational School chain

NextGen Education is India's first 100% Activity based Digitally enabled with Kid's IQ Development Methods implemented Bengali and English Medium Co-educational School chain in the country. The complete curriculum has been mapped to high thought activity based with the local syllabus. The activity used in quite engaging and helps the child to learn and remember better and create creativity and presentation quality amongst them.

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Why would you contact with us & a guardian enroll his kid's in our Schools? or what is the difference between other schools Franchise with our school Franchise? because we use the following methods
also we Introduced IQ Development Technique in Kid’s

1) Activity Based: It helps children’s grow naturally. Which prevents if any unusual tendency among children’s. It also helps to increase and strengthen their IQ.

2) Every child loves to play with mobile and other toys. But their parents always force them to go to the book. It causes emotional depression in children and gives birth to anger which is harmful to the baby. The parents’ primary purpose is to make their children interested in the book, not to be restricted from mobile use. So, to overcome this problem, we have presented the mobile as the advance book of children’s interest which teaches in a fun way.


3) Our digital visualization method helps all the students (nursery to 12th class) to easily clear their subjective concept and make better results.

4) As we know that the book is the main part of our child’s future, so we moved their interest to the book from their mobile through a bridge. This method is called digital book, by which the child is generally interested in the book from the mobile digital system.


5) We do this system through Bengali, English and Hindi medium.

Our Thoughts

Twenty years ago a student had to learn as much as a student now had to learn a lot more than him. They first learned the computer at 16 to 18 years of age and now it is taught six to eight year old students. Many such things are now taught at a very young age. But our method of teaching remains the same, as a result of which there is a lot of stress on the children of nowadays. Despite the reluctance we have applied 70 units of pressure on them to teach 30 units, because they should continue in their social competition. As a result of our mistake, most of the children are wasted due to this excessive pressure. Initially, he learned a lot in the beginning, but could not perform in the future. We are not trying to increase the size of the pot and try to keep more things in it, so our efforts are worthless.

To get rid of this situation, we have introduced an innovative teaching method. So that your child will learn 60 units, using only 10 unit pressures. And he/she will do even better results in the future. Because first we increase the size of the pot and then put a lot of material in it.

Suppose a milkman was given four liters of milk in a four-liter pot and he was told to give six liters of milk to the market, what would he do? First increase the pot to six liters and then pour two liters of milk or water, is not it? Now if he did not increase the pot and poured milk or water into it, what would happen? If milk was poured, then the milk of two liters would fall out. If the water was poured, then some water was mixed in the milk of the pot and some of the milk in the pot fell out of it and that four liters contained in the pot. And the amount of milk in it would not have increased, instead the quality of the milk decreased. You may do the second one for your child. Well, if the milk is added to the pot, the size of the pot increases? No! It has to be increased in another way.

Similarly, Instead of just giving more pressure to the child, we first increase their abilities by using a method (Brain gym), and then by applying some more methods, we can reduce their pressure on the brain and teach them much more.

Our methods are described below:-

Our teaching methods:-

A) Brain gym. (Seven sense development)

B) Imagination boosting. (Even if you cannot imagine it, to float it in front of the eye)

C) Fun learning & Activity learning. (The way we learn through subconscious mind)

D) Learned through real curriculum. (The way a Tamil child could say good Tamil or an English child could speak English well)

A) We develop the seven senses of children by 36 methods, which increase the child’s IQ. These seven senses are…

1) Initial Memory. (It’s the ability to remember something once it’s seen)

2) Imagination Power. (When something is heard, it is flowing in front of the eye.)

3) Spatial Visualization. (Imagine another thing in a general thing)

4) Common Sense. (Creating general sense)

5) Pattern Completion. (Creating the size or shaped feeling)

6) Serial Reasoning. (Creating sorting feeling)

7) Reasoning by Analogy. (Where to be, understood by logic)

these methods are called together by Brain gym.

B) Good imagination power is a very good student.

We develop students’ imagination power.

Imagination’s power increases memory power.

Both are Developed IQ.

Brain gym is the way to Increase IQ.


C) Learning with fun, which makes a student good for the future without brain pressure.

D) Teach subjects by creating surroundings.

We develop grabbing & Imagination Power through brain gym, which increases memory power & IQ.
Through this methodology, we help other schools students
{Class V to Class XII (CBSE/ICSE/WBBSE) COACHING} with coaching in our school.

Our Features

First School chain who will guide to make a successful School owner without any risk with a demo of 100% live existing School business.
We introduced first in India different type of IQ Development Techniques in kid’s in our curriculum. Our complete curriculum is designed around activities. The activities provide hands on learning to the children for their all around development.

Edu-aids based activities

Our complete course plan accompanies a host of advanced teaching aids and methods, which provide a overall hands on learning to the child.

Theme days activities

We follows a theme based curriculum, where different theme days are celebrated in the preschool to reinforce the topics taught in the classroom.

Role play activities

Our curriculum includes many role play activities, that are designed to promote the social and emotional development in the child

100 % Digital Curriculum

The NextGen Education’s curriculum is completely digitized with high definition digital videos, and interactive applications

Love and care

Special love and care is bestowed on each and every child, because we strongly believe that school is your child’s second home.

Indoor & outdoor activities

We believe in fun based learning. The entire preschool curriculum has been structured to provide extensive indoor and outdoor activities.

Our Classes

Welcome to the World of “New Age learning”. With NextGen Education we guarantee your children the “Next level of learning and care, they truly deserve”.

Why Choose Us ?

India’s First School Franchise with Activity Based Learning & Kid’s IQ Development Technique. NextGen Education is India’s first 100% activity based digitally enabled and kids IQ Development Methods implemented school chain with all day to day support in the country. The complete curriculum has been mapped to high thought activity based with the local syllabus. The activity used in quite engaging and helps the child to learn and remember better and create creativity and presentation quality amongst them. NextGen Education content is purely activity based and involves the use of digital and physical education aids for its delivery. The complete curriculum has been designed by pedagogue experts with years of experience in the early years learning.
The Idealogy of our curriculum is based on upon three strong pillars :-

The concept of Reinforcement

Each and every topic in the curriculum is reinforced to the child using different aids. For example a sample topic can be taught through book, digital aid and hands on activity.

Better learning through digital and physical aids.

One of the most important features of our offering is the mapped digital content. Our entire curriculum is mapped to the digital content and also to the educational aids. This mapping leads to a better and assured quality pedagogue in the classroom.

Entire concept developed on the concept of “ S M R A C “

The entire curriculum is developed to provide the following learnings in the child

S - Social and emotional Development
M - Motor Skills
R - Refinement of Senses
A - Academic skills
C - Cognitive skills
Through activities, we make sure to emphasize the SMRAC concept at every point of learning.
“A new research from Penn State University states that amalgamation of these five aspects of child’s learning into a curriculum can result in an optimum learning impact on the child”.